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Cheers! To Your Healthy Blood in 2023

Here we are closing in on January 2023 already. Did you make any new year resolutions?

I didn't, but I do continue to spend each day focused on healthy habits. For the past couple years I've been eating healthier with more fresh food, eliminating sugar as much as possible, and very little take out. I've also started exercising daily. I walk with my dog Lulu every day, and now I'm incorporating free weights, yoga and a rowing machine. Well, I haven't gotten the rowing machine yet, but it's ordered. Exercising is without a doubt the hardest for me to stay committed to. Mostly because of finding time. Do you have this problem? I've been doing these healthy habits every single day, and I have been losing weight, feeling stronger and over all much better. But I was still having issues with eating some foods. I noticed after eating some foods I wouldn't feel good. Maybe you have noticed this with yourself as well.

Then my sister (Anita,) introduced me to this New York Times Best Seller:

4 Blood Types, 4 Diets Eat Right for Your Type The Individualized Blood Type Diet Solution Author Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney

7 million copies have been sold worldwide!

This book is a game changer.

If you're thinking it's another fad diet book, it's not. This book is an educational explanation of our blood types. It explains the 4 different blood types O, A, B, AB. With over twenty years research about blood types and how our blood types have changed over the centuries to bring us where we are today.

It's easy to read and follow. You can start incorporating the food suggestions from day one.

Do you know what your blood type is?

In some cases, it may be listed on your live birth certificate.

If not, here are some options to getting information on your blood type.

  1. If you have donated blood, you can call and ask them what your blood type is.

  2. You can call your physician and ask to have a blood type test.

  3. You can order an at-home blood type test kit. At home kits can use your blood or saliva. Amazon offers at home blood type kits

My blood type is O. It is the oldest blood. Meaning it is the blood that has been around the longest, like from the beginning...caveman if you will. I learned how important vigorous exercise is for my health, both physically and mentally. I learned that there are many foods I should avoid, while other foods are beneficial to my blood.

This book is about the connection to the food we eat and it's effect on our blood.

I began making so many connections with this book and foods I had been consuming. I had noticed for years prior to reading this book, how I would feel after consuming some foods. For example, for many years I thought I was lactose intolerant. After reading this book for my blood type, I learned that my system is not designed for their proper daily metabolism of dairy products. Dairy products can mess with my microbiome, causing digestive problems. Also dairy products can exacerbate inflammatory conditions and lead to weight gain.

I also reflected on many illnesses my family members had experienced and how the illnesses were common for my blood type. By consuming certain food, spices, drinks, even exercise could cause some of these illnesses by "not getting along" with my blood."

This book is broken down by blood types.

Lists the foods by category:

  • Beneficial

  • Neutral

  • Avoid

Also contains recommendations of how much to consume per week and by ancestry:

  • African

  • Caucasian

  • Asian

The beneficial foods can promote muscle, weight loss and build your immune system naturally.

Consuming the avoid foods can cause health problems such as thyroid dysfunction, arthritis, inflammation and more.

I have begun to put this book to use, and have started avoiding the "avoid list" and so far I'm noticing a big difference in how I feel.

There are additional books by the authors as well.
  1. A quick reference book is the Lists book. These are a small individual "go to reference" for each individual blood type. I refer to this book all the time, for choosing vitamins, preparing meals and double checking my pantry.

  2. Individual Blood Type Cookbooks. I have one for my type.

  3. Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia- a Complete Reference Guide to Symptoms, Disease, Conditions, Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Food

I've purchased all 4 and have begun following the recommendations daily. I can honestly say it's working for me. I've lost weight slowly over the course of 6 months, and gone from 158 LBS. to presently today 142 LBS. My goal is to maintain this 142 LB weight.

Get healthy easily in 2023

If you're wanting to be healthier or having some issues with your health now, I recommend getting a copy of any of the books. You might find some solutions or answers to questions about your health right now.

It might just be the best health advice you can get for $15 bucks.

Cheers! To your healthy blood in 2023.

Please note: I'm not affiliate with Amazon, I make no commissions from these links.

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